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The entire selection process is based upon the competencies identified in the Effective Officer Study conducted in 2005 by the National FFA Organization. The competencies are evaluated in a number of different ways ranging from your performance on a written exam to your performance with real stakeholders in an interview setting. Throughout this two-phase selection process, state and national officer candidates will be evaluated by a student nominating committee consisting of one student from each of the twelve area associations. The student nominating committee will be given the task of selecting candidates who possess outlined competencies which capture a candidates ability to perform the duties as an appointed officer. The selection process provides a method to carry out this important task.

The materials included on this site are intended for use in preparing for one of the many positions available throughout the selection process. Please refer to the State Officer Selection Handbook to address specific questions and access an array of training materials.

Process Supervision & Adult Consultants      
Ultimately, the overall supervision and direction of the Texas FFA State Officer Selection Process lies within the purview of the Texas FFA Association Executive Director (or designee). In addition, there are a number of advisors and staff which play a supportive role in the state officer selection process. These individuals are available to support and advise the student nominating committee in fulfilling their responsibilities. There are multiple adult roles outlined within the State Officer Selection Process Handbook including a Board Superintendent, Selection Process Supervisor, Tabulation Supervisor and three Adult Consultants. 

Board-Appointed Process Consultants
Board Superintendent - Ryan Pieniazek
Selection Process Supervisor - Dr. David Frazier, Tarleton State University
Tabulation Supervisor - Hannah Ford

Adult Consultants 

**Applications will be available in the Texas FFA Roster System on December**

State Officer Candidates      

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

The primary responsibility of a state FFA officer is to serve. When you become a state officer, you agree to dedicate one year of your life to service with the Texas FFA Association. Your year of service as a state officer is one of profound growth – you will change in ways you never imagined. This may be the greatest personal benefit of serving as a state officer, along with knowing that you alone make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of FFA members, advisors, partners and others.

If elected to serve the association as a state officer, a great deal will be expected of you. Two officers will be asked to forego a year of school to travel the state of Texas, visiting three schools a day for approximately 115 school days. The remaining ten officers will be expected to balance their state FFA officer responsibilities along with other responsibilities such as college coursework (if applicable). A state officer’s schedule requires traveling many miles and meeting thousands of people. This should be considered when an applicant is scheduling their college coursework if planning to attend school during their year of service. 

The materials included on this site are intended for use in preparing oneself for one of the many positions available throughout the selection process. Please refer to the State Officer Selection Handbook (link below) to address specific questions and access an array of training materials. Candidate Resources can be found here.

How to Apply
The State Officer Application will be accessed via your student roster account was opened. Applications for 2022 are open now.

Student Nominating Committee      

**Applications are now closed**

Those applicants selected to move to the phone interview portion of the process, will be contacted no later then March 10, 2022.

Phone interviews will take place between March 14 to 21. 

Those selected to serve on the committee will be contacted after the third quarter Board of Directors meeting. 

Selection of the nominating committee is a critical first step in the state officer selection process. To ensure that the nominating committee is qualified to interview and evaluate the next year's state FFA officer candidates, specific board policies and procedures have been established to guide the selection and conduct of the nominating committee. Beyond these board policies, FFA has implemented several administrative procedures to further ensure that the nominating committee is prepared for the task of interviewing and evaluating the state officer candidates.

Committee Responsibilities
As a student committee, the twelve members of the nominating committee have the responsibility to interview and evaluate the state FFA officer candidates. The nominating committee members are responsible for mentally and physically preparing for the week-long selection process. The process can be grueling for the committee members, as they will typically work long hours over several days. Members are strongly encouraged to arrive at the commencement of the process fully prepared and rested. 

Nominating Committee Selection
FFA members who desire to serve as a member of the State Officer Nominating Committee shall meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Nominating Committee members must be active members in good standing who are seniors in high school or must not be more than one year removed from high school.
  • Nominating Committee members must hold the State FFA Degree or be receiving it at the time of the convention.
  • Nominating Committee Members must have served in a leadership position at or above the chapter level. This may be an elected position or serving as Chairman of a major Program of Activities committee.
  • Nominating Committee Members must be recommended by their local Advisor.

    How to Apply
    1. Members will apply via the Application Center utilizing their Student Log In.
    2. Applications are due February 15, 2022.
    3. Advisor recommendations will be obtained after applications close.

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      2021 Candidate Workshops

    This free workshop (you are responsible for your own lunch) is available for anyone interested in the state FFA officer selection process. Workshops will take place from 9:00am until 3:00pm and the attire for the workshops is business casual.

    Workshop facilitator: Dr. David Frazier

    What will you need? Copy of the state officer handbook, paper to take plenty of notes, and a positive attitude.

    January 22, 2022 -Tarleton State University (Virtual Option)

    March, 2022 - Klein Cain

    April 16, 2022: Face to Face and Virtual @ Tarleton State University, Stephenville

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