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2024 Lone Star Degree Checklist      
The revised 2024 Lone Star Degree Checklist can be viewed by clicking on the link in the "Resources Section" on the right side. For questions regarding the revised checksheet please email

2024 NEW: National FFA Awards and Recognition Updates      
National FFA has announced their Awards and Recognition Revisions for 2024. All revised information can be found here. If you have any questions, please email

ATTENTION: 2024 Lone Star Degree Information      

2024 Lone Star (State) FFA Degree Check

The 2024 Lone Star Degree Check and Review process will be conducted in the same format as last year. We ask that each area conduct rigourous checks at the district and area level.

Texas FFA Policy 26.4 Application Requirements for the State (Lone Star) FFA Degree, Selection, Appeals and Recognition.

(j) (5) It will be the responsibility of each area to reject or approve Lone Star FFA Degree’s. All approved applications will be electronically submitted to the state office by a designated date which will be determined and announced by state staff. 25% (randomly selected) of each areas approved and submitted applications will be reviewed by a designated Lone Star Degree Check Committee during the Texas FFA State Award, Degree and Scholarship Check. The Texas FFA Executive Committee will review any rejected applications.

For information on how to complete the Texas Lone Star FFA Degree Application click the link to below. The video created by AET provides an overview on how to navigate the application.

For Lone Star (State) Degree questions, please reference Texas FFA Policy, Section 26.4 Application Requirements for the State (Lone Star) FFA Degree, Selection, Appeals and Recognition

For 2024 record books will be accessed electronically to verify the Lone Star Degree application at Degree Check.

2024 Texas FFA State Degree Check Information      

*** Additional information regarding committee assignments and training for the review and scoring of applications will be forthcoming**

2024 State Degree Submission Information, Closing Dates, Deadlines and Contact Information      

For additional scholarship/ Golden Owl information email
For additional award/degree information email

You may also visit the following links; or

Interview Schedules      
NameDate AddedSize
2024 John Justin Interview Schedule 5/29/2024 16 KB
2024 Ryan Mott Interview Schedule 5/28/2024 16 KB

NameDate AddedSize
2024 Star Greenhand Rubric 5/16/2024 59 KB
2024 Star Lone Star and Star Chapter Rubric 5/16/2024 60 KB
New: Texas FFA Award and Degree Handbook 3/29/2023 1319 KB
Membership Eligibility Reference Table 2/14/2018 80 KB
National FFA Community Service Information 4/7/2022 247 KB
Online Review Instructions 4/7/2022 611 KB
National FFA Finalist Final Ruling 4/7/2022 140 KB
SAE Scope Clarification Help Sheet 5/3/2017 195 KB
Teachers Online AET Submission Information 4/7/2022 585 KB
Texas FFA AET FAQ Facts 4/7/2022 211 KB
2023 National FFA Awards Notification 3/28/2023 266 KB
2023 Greenhand Degree Manual Checklist 3/28/2023 172 KB
2023 Chapter Degree Manual Checklist 3/28/2023 172 KB
2024 Lone Star (State) Degree Manual Checksheet 3/10/2024 399 KB
2024 Tips For A Successful Degree Check 3/10/2024 787 KB
NEW: Area Appeal Process for Lone Star Degrees 3/10/2024 96 KB
2024 Honorary Teacher/Non Teacher Information 3/10/2024 492 KB
2024 Entrepreneurship Proficiency Rubric 3/10/2024 709 KB
2024 Placement Proficiency Rubric 3/10/2024 590 KB
2024 Proficiency Finalist Interview Rubric 3/10/2024 146 KB
2024 Agriscience Research Proficiency Rubric 3/10/2024 594 KB
2024 Combined Proficiency Rubric 3/10/2024 92 KB
2024 American FFA Degree Manual Checksheet 3/10/2024 229 KB
2024 Star Finalists Interview Rubric 3/10/2024 144 KB
Star American Farmer (Production) Written App Rubric 3/10/2024 278 KB
Star Americna Placement App Written Rubric 3/10/2024 265 KB
Star American Agriscience App Written Rubric 3/10/2024 163 KB
Star American Agribusiness App Written Rubric 3/10/2024 278 KB
John Justin Rubric 4/11/2024 98 KB
Ryan Mott Rubric 4/11/2024 98 KB

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  2024 State Awards and Degree Check

The 2024 State Advanced Awards, Degree and Scholarship Check will be a hybrid event in Stephenville, Texas on June 3 - June 6, 2024. For a detailed schedule please reference 2024 State Degree Check Schedule module.

Questions concerning the 2024 Texas FFA State Awards and Degree Check results should be directed to:

Questions regarding Texas FFA Scholarships should be directed to:

Degree Check Schedule Quick Reference

  New Golden Owl Award
The Golden Owl Award, sponsored by Texas Farm Bureau, recognizes agricultural educators for their tremendous contributions to helping the next generation of agricultural leaders. Students, parents, fellow teachers and other supporters can nominate their favorite agricultural teacher and summarize what makes him or her the best in the state.
Learn more about the award here!

  How to Claim Award Scholarships
All state Star and Proficiency winners will need to visit the Texas FFA Foundation webpage and follow the steps on how to claim an award scholarship.

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