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In an effort to identify officer candidates that possess these traits, a three-part process has been established. This process includes an exam, interview, and popular vote.

The exam covers information also included in the Senior FFA Quiz and a writing sample. Study materials for the exam are posted on this website under Participate>LDEs. To assist candidates as they prepare for the writing sample, writing prompts are posted below as examples.

The interview component includes an application and an interview. The application is very detailed and should be fully completed in advance of the selection process. This will give candidates an opportunity to review their responses and develop their thoughts fully. In preparing for the interview, officer candidates should reflect on their past experiences in the FFA and in other leadership roles.

Candidates for state office must also prepare a speech to be delivered to the voting delegates during the convention. After delivering their speech, candidates will be asked a thought question to be answered extemporaneously. Voting delegates will cast their vote for state office based upon the candidate's performance on stage, FFA involvement, and behavior.

All components of the process will be combined to determine the area's state officer and ultimately the State President and State First Vice President. 

A Texas FFA State Officer Task Force was assembled in 2005 to review the state officer selection process. This task force identified traits and values essential for effective state FFA officers. The Texas FFA Association adopted changes to the constitution in 2005 that have implemented a new method of selecting state officers in an effort to identify and select members that are adaptable, approachable, creative, dedicated, dependable, effective communicators, genuine, honest, integral, knowledgeable, motivated, polished speakers, respectful, passionate, positive, self-reliant, socially skilled and graceful, team players who represent a complete, well balanced agricultural education/FFA experience.

Chapters with State Officer Candidates will be billed for $450, per candidate, in the roster system. This cost includes the $50 filing fee as well as candidate housing, transportation, and expenses for the selection process. The state assumes responsibility for any additional expenses once students are elected as the final twelve. As a courtesy, we request that a candidate notify state FFA staff and the selection process coordinator as soon as possible if they desire to be removed from the selection process. As with all other roster charges incurred during the fiscal year, this charge must be paid by the August 15th deadline.

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  2022 Candidate Workshops

This free workshop (you are responsible for your own lunch) is available for anyone interested in the state FFA officer selection process. Workshops will take place from 9:00am until 3:00pm and the attire for the workshops is business casual.

Workshop facilitator: Dr. David Frazier

What will you need? Copy of the state officer handbook, paper to take plenty of notes, and a positive attitude.


January 22, 2022Face to Face and Virtual @ Tarleton State University, Stephenville

March 19, 2022: Face to Face @ Klein Cain High School, Houston

April 16, 2022: Face to Face and Virtual @ Tarleton State University, Stephenville

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