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This contest will be designed to inform the general public and consumers about the importance and value of the agriculture industry and how agriculture impacts human lives. Agricultural Advocacy teams will be made up of 3-5 members from the same chapter.

 - To promote the agriculture industry on all levels, from local to the state level.
 - To educate the consumer and general public about the importance and value of the agriculture industry.
 - To promote the principles of agriculture such as: biotechnology, soil stewardship, resource management, economic and environmental benefits as well as the humane principles of sound livestock production and management.
 - To prepare students to promote agriculture in a professional and effective manner through essential communication and presentation skills.
 - Teams will consist of three to five members from the same local chapter.  Eligible students must meet LDE eligibility requirements outlined in the LDE general rules.

Ag Advocacy does not have a yearly theme. You may choose any theme as long as you advocating for agriculture!

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2017-21 Agricultural Advocacy Rules REVISED 9.10.19 9/10/2019 166 KB

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