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What is the Texas FFA Legislative Experience?      
Facilitated by agricultural educators in their respective classrooms, this four day experience explores the legislative process and the essential role that students play in advocating for FFA, Agricultural Education and Career Technical Education.

We are excited to provide agricultural educators with classroom resources and activities that can be used to engage ALL students in a legislative advocacy experience. These resources are turn-key for convenience but can be customized to fit a teacher’s courses.

Each day includes the following resources:
•A 50-Minute Lesson Plan with Identified Texas TEKS
•An Accompanying Presentation
•All Required Worksheets and Supplemental Materials
•Thought Question Worksheets
•Pre-Recorded Panel Discussions With Industry Experts (Day Two – Four Only)
We can’t wait for students to engage in this program!

Download the Legislative Experience Outline Here! 

Day One      
Topic: Introduction to Texas Government
Description: Students will unpack an overview of the Texas government and how a bill becomes a law. 

NameDate AddedSize
Day One_Lesson Plan 3/1/2021 56 KB
Day One_Presentation 3/1/2021 4306 KB
Day One_Bill to a Law Activity 3/1/2021 87 KB
Day One_Key Facts and Terms 3/1/2021 152 KB
Day One_Thought Questions 3/1/2021 53 KB

Day Two      
Topic: Agriculture Education and the Three Component Model
Description: Students will understand and articulate the value of agricultural education and reflect on their own experiences.

NameDate AddedSize
Day Two_Lesson Plan 3/1/2021 55 KB
Day Two_Presentation 3/1/2021 3566 KB
Day Two_Three-Component Model Handout 3/1/2021 272 KB
Day Two_Your Ag Ed Story Worksheet 3/1/2021 66 KB
Day Two_Panel Interview 3/1/2021 285810 KB
Day Two_Thought Questions 3/1/2021 57 KB

Day Three      
Topic: Conversations with Elected Officials 
Description: Students will learn how to facilitate effective conversations with elected officials through key messaging.

NameDate AddedSize
Day Three_Lesson Plan 3/1/2021 59 KB
Day Three_Presentation 3/1/2021 3593 KB
Day Three_Key Messaging 3/1/2021 325 KB
Day Three_Tailoring Your Story 3/1/2021 328 KB
Day Three_Panel Interview 3/2/2021 366232 KB
Day Three_Thought Questions 3/1/2021 53 KB

Day Four      
Topic: Opportunities in Public Service
Opportunity: Students will be exposed to opportunities for public service in high school and beyond. 

NameDate AddedSize
Day Four_Lesson Plan 3/2/2021 65 KB
Day Four_Presentation 3/2/2021 3419 KB
Day Four_Student Opportunities Worksheet 3/2/2021 264 KB
Day Four_Key Fact Cards 3/2/2021 74 KB
Day Four_Opportunity Gallery Walk 3/2/2021 324 KB
Day Four_Panel Interview 3/2/2021 433374 KB
Day Four_Thought Questions 3/2/2021 53 KB
Day Four_TikTok Challenge Video 3/2/2021 7092 KB

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  When to Participate
These resources are evergreen and will remain available to utilize whenever a teacher’s classroom schedule allows.

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