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State Officers Reflect on Fall 2023 Chapter Visits    
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 | Author: Texas FFA News

During their year of service, the Texas FFA Officers travel the state and visit hundreds of schools and meet thousands of members. We asked each of them to highlight a chapter that they loved visiting this past fall. This is what they had to say...

Area 1 - Muleshoe FFA
"Muleshoe FFA was an engaging and welcoming chapter. I loved the participation of the members and had a wonderful time eating dinner with the officer team!" - Summer Bowman

Area 2 - Wall FFA
"Wall FFA was our first visit that day, and they did not disappoint! This farming community echoes agriculture as the school is surrounded by farmland. The students brought the energy and were attentive and interactive throughout the entire workshop!" - Henry Downing

Area 3 - Friendswood FFA
"Friendswood FFA welcomed us with open arms and came energized for the day ahead! Every member was engaged and loved getting to know more about Texas FFA. We even got to see some cool traditions within their high school!" - Jaime Hahn

Area 4 - Woodson FFA
"Woodson FFA was an absolute blast! They know just how to have fun and keep their spirits high in all parts of life. During our time together, we shook the ground, jammed out some good tunes, and turned the gym into a big party. They even helped us install our front license plate!" - Isaac Hawkins Jr.

Area 5 - Sunnyvale FFA
"Sunnyvale FFA was very attentive during the entire workshop, was willing and eager to participate, and had great questions as we ended our time together. I had a great time getting to know them, and they were a highlight of my travel week." - Weston Parr

Area 6 - Rains FFA
"Walking into the Rains FFA ag building, I immediately felt at home! As we sat and talked about the chapter's involvement and achievements, I was astounded by the amount of passion and drive in the room. It's no secret that these members are proud of their roots and ready to go out and change the world. The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter around a table at the brand-new Emory Whataburger and consuming conversations that we never wanted to end! These guys make me so proud to represent Area VI!" - Jacqueline Rand

Area 7 - Canyon New Braunfels FFA
"The members we met at Canyon New Braunfels were our instant friends! We were welcomed at the door with a burst of energy, spent time touring their livestock facilities (they could barely get me away from the sheep!), and they all had such intentional questions to ask us at the end of our visit. The members have never met a stranger, and I am so thankful for the time we spent in Cougar Country!" - Nicole Prusk

Area 8 - Iredell & Valley Mills FFA
"From some of the smallest schools came a group of students ready to engage and excited to learn more about FFA. Though not many of them, these students' energy had lifted the whole evening. With a willingness to learn and no fear of trying something new, these members enjoyed spending time with us as we discussed opportunities. I even had the honor of teaching a few of them their first-line dance." - Paris Sanchez

Area 9 - Lufkin FFA
"There is nothing like returning to a chapter that provides the same memories, laughs, and emotions as returning home does. Visiting with the Lufkin FFA chapter officers was among my favorite memories from fall travel. They welcomed Isaac, Elise, and me as family and reminded me that sometimes it's ok to laugh and express yourself however you need. Thank you Lufkin FFA!" - Cheyenne Cooley

Area 10 - Jourdanton FFA
"Our time with the Jourdanton FFA chapter made us feel right at home. Outside of the workshop, we enjoyed talking over root beer floats and truly getting to know the members of this chapter. We had so much fun making numerous TikToks and taking endless BeReals. While Jourdanton may be small, their spirit is mighty, and we are beyond thankful to have witnessed how incredible they are!" - Blake Koether

Area 11 - Gonzales FFA
"Gonzales FFA welcomed us with over 200 high-energy students eager to get involved! We started with the wave during our workshop and had an awesome Q&A session at the end. We concluded our visit chatting with the chapter officers over lunch and left confident in the future of Gonzales FFA!" - Elise Sharp

Area 12 - Salado FFA
"One of the most fun and entertaining chapters I've ever had the opportunity to join! The Salado FFA officer team was full of energy and amazing personalities. One of the sweetest and most selfless things was the dinner they prepared. It meant so much that they all came together to plan and prepare a meal for my teammates and me. I will forever be grateful for this memory and the many laughs shared with these officers, members, and amazing ag teachers. Salado FFA, you hold such a special place in my heart!" - Rylee Sassenberg 

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