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Canyon FFA Member Restoring Pieces of History Through Agricultural Mechanics Entrepreneurship    
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 | Author: Texas FFA News

Canyon FFA member, Scott Henderson, is restoring pieces of history through his agricultural mechanics entrepreneurship. 

“I began restoring tractors and competing in restoration competitions at age 9,” said Henderson. 

He quickly found that knowing how engineering principles work helped him fix equipment. Putting in time to learn the mechanics behind each tractor he restores has been vital to his success. 

“The value of physical science when adjusting torque on tire lug nuts or how combustion happens is vital to understanding how tractors operate,” said Henderson. “I can look these values up in the repair manuals for each tractor and apply them with 100% accuracy.”

He has also learned that he must understand the maintenance schedule for each different tractor he works with. 

“I want to ensure that I repair the tractor in a way that it can be properly maintained,” said Henderson. “When I finish repairing a tractor, I always ensure all fluids are filled correctly, and the customer understands how to care for it once they get it home properly.”

In addition to the tractors he restored for ag mechanics shows, the FFA member has completed nine additional transformations for individuals looking to bring life back into their historic machinery.  

“My business has grown from only restoring show tractors to helping individuals restore a piece of their family history,” said Henderson. “I have eight tractors lined up to work on currently, one of them being a push-behind David Bradley tractor.”

Henderson’s successful SAE project was recognized as a National Proficiency winner in Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship at the 2022 National FFA Convention.

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