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Canyon FFA Member Gains Hands-On Business Experience Through Agricultural Sales Employment    
Monday, August 14, 2023 | Author: Texas FFA News

Canyon FFA member, Tanner Owen, is learning hands-on business experience through his agricultural sales employment. 

While working for Premier Nutrition Technologies, a livestock feed supplement company, he has experienced the importance of a well-rounded business plan that includes service, marketing, inventory, finances, and supply and demand. 

“I keep an inventory chart to ensure that we are never caught without a product,” said Owen. “This has allowed us to keep 100% of our product stocked and manage our risk so we are constantly making a profit instead of turning customers away by making them wait.”

The FFA member has better developed an understanding of the need and importance of customer service. They must have an easy, enjoyable experience with the brand.

“[Premier Nutrition] ships products to customers in all 50 states and several places in Canada,” said Owen. “Once orders come in, I package them individually and prepare them to be taken to the post office. Our product has to be packed and shipped in a way that will not allow the product containers to break open and spill during shipping.”

Alongside packaging and distributing customer orders, he has also had the opportunity to participate in the marketing aspect of the business.

“This past year, I have been trusted to take on a marketing role within the company by having access to Premier Nutrition’s Facebook page,” said Owen. “I have made several posts this year highlighting some of our products, and it was very cool to see how the percentage of engagements increased with each post.” 

He prioritized researching how to optimize the Facebook platform to ensure the posts had the best chances of performing and reaching the maximum number of people.

“This accomplishment meant a lot to me because it showed that the owners trusted me enough to handle their company image on a public platform,” said Owen. 

Owen’s successful SAE project was recognized as a national proficiency winner in Agricultural Sales - Placement at the 2022 National FFA Convention.

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