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  Major Stock Show Premium (Rules) Books and Ethics Policy    
  Posted 1/24/2023  
  We encourage advisors to review the premium (rules) books for all the major stock shows. Including the Fort Worth Stock Show, San Antonio Stock Show, Houston Stock Show, San Angelo Stock Show and Austin Stock Show

Please, also review the ethics policy. Informational video, educational FAQ and documents, and TAHC contact can be viewed here

  Corduroy Network    
  Posted 6/9/2022  
  The goal of the Corduroy Network is to provide teachers and contest facilitators with a list of qualified judges for various FFA events. Our hope is that the network will provide individuals who have the desire to give back the opportunity to fill this need.  

  FFA Unraveled: A Texas FFA Podcast    
  Posted 1/27/2022  
  FFA Unraveled: A Texas FFA Podcast is an effort for us to do just that, unravel all of the programs and opportunities offered to Texas FFA members, and break them down in order to enable listeners to better understand and develop an action plan to move forward.  

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