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Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agricultural science classrooms.

All LDE events have elimination rounds at the district and area before the state level competition. Please refer to your district and area calendars for competition dates. 

Alerts & Announcements

Proposed Revisions and Changes to the 2014 LDE Rules and Procedures

1.      Clarification on implementation of Gray’s Guide: There will no changes for the 2014 events.  In 2015, we will begin using the corrected versions of current motions and procedures, and in 2016 we will consider adding new motions.

2.   Senior FFA Skills Demonstration Contest: Judges will be reminded that the questions asked must only be to provide further clarification from the presentation. (Rule #7: “Questions asked by the judges MUST be derived directly from the skill that was performed.”)

3.      Proposed change Rule#5 in the Greenhand and Senior Quiz to read: “Teams may begin the event at the designated start time or at any time thereafter until 10:00 a.m.”

5. There will be a proposed plagiarism statement as Rule #9 in FFA Broadcasting and Rule #7 in Agricultural Issues.

Proposed Rules Addition

(Inserted as Rule 9 in FFA Broadcasting and Rule 7 in Ag Issues Forum.)

“This event requires original work by the team’s members and their advisor(s); thus, plagiarism is not permitted.  Plagiarism is defined as:

  1. Reproducing someone else’s sentences more or less verbatim, and presenting them as your own;
  2. Repeating another’s particularly apt phrase;
  3. Paraphrasing someone else’s argument;
  4. Introducing another’s line of thinking.”

6. Public Relations (Rule #5) and Agricultural Advocacy (Rule #5) currently reads, “Set up and tear down may only be completed by the presenting members and one advisor/designee.” FFA Broadcasting (Rule #9) currently reads, “One team advisor may assist in testing equipment prior to performance.”

The proposed revision is to remove the word “one” so that there is the option to have multiple advisors/designees assist with set up/equipment testing within the current time allotted.

7. The Texas FFA Inclement Weather Policy will be added to the general LDE rules to establish a method of addressing any weather issues from an event management standpoint.


Registration & Results

Visit www.JudgingCard.com for contest registration and results.


NameOwnerDate AddedSize
2013 State LDE Results Admin 12/9/2013 285 KB
2013 LDE Rules - Revised 10.11.13 Admin 10/11/2013 708 KB
LDE Coordinator Guide Admin 7/21/2011 290 KB
2014 PR Questions Admin 9/2/2014 75 KB
2014 Texas FFA Leadership Guide Admin 9/2/2014 2191 KB
2014-2015 District Officer Candidate Study Guide Admin 9/2/2014 1657 KB
2014 Texas Farm Facts Admin 9/2/2014 2166 KB


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