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Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agricultural science classrooms.

All LDE events have elimination rounds at the district and area before the state level competition. Please refer to your district and area calendars for competition dates. 

Alerts & Announcements

Revisions and Changes to the 2015 LDE Rules and Procedures

1.      Clarification on implementation of the new Jarrell D. Gray’s Parliamentary Procedure Guide: 
Only the 2015 version of the 3rd Edition of the Jarrell D. Gray's Parliamentary Procedure Guide will be available from Instructional Materials Service (IMS) and that is the resource that will be utilized in all LDE contests. In 2015 Chapter Conducting Contests: -New motions will not be used -Call for Orders of the will still not be used 

In 2015 Quiz Contests: -Quiz questions will not include new motions but will include new content from the new Jarrell D. Gray's 3rd Edition. -Quiz questions and format will remain the same and include new content from the new parliamentary procedure guide, and call for orders of the day. -Please download the "Clarification of Chapter Agricultural and Greenhand Quiz Materials and how the New Parliamentary Procedure Guide will Affect the Questions."

2. New proposed language to specify the acceptable materials allowed in the Job Interview event. This is pending Texas FFA Board of Director's approval at the first quarter meeting on September 14, 2015. Current Rule:
Contestants may bring a copy of their submitted résumé and cover letter or business cards, and/or padfolio (with a blank writing pad) to all areas of the contest.   They may not bring any other supporting documents such as work samples, pictures or a portfolio of work.  Padfolios may be checked for items that are permitted.

(New Wording) Contestants may bring all areas of the contest:
A. Equipment
1. Participants should bring the following items to the event:
a. Writing Utensils
b. Blank paper
c. Resume
d. Cover letter
e. List of references
f. Business cards
g. Pad folio

2. The following items are not permitted:
a. Letters of reference
b. Samples of work
c. Pictures
d. Personal pages

NOTE: Three reference letters MUST be submitted prior to the contest, but may NOT accompany the materials in a student padfolio on the day of the contest. 


*ALL 2015 LDE Rules, and materials have been updated as of 09/17/2015*

Registration & Results

Visit www.JudgingCard.com for contest registration and results.


NameOwnerDate AddedSize
LDE Coordinator Guide Admin 7/21/2011 290 KB
Clarification of 2015 Quiz Materials Admin 8/27/2015 246 KB
2015-16 Leadership Guide Admin 8/31/2015 2621 KB
2015-16 District Officer Candidate Study Guide Admin 8/31/2015 2469 KB
2015 Farm Facts Admin 8/31/2015 2177 KB
2015 Ag Issues and Current Events Briefs Admin 9/2/2015 1076 KB
2015 LDE Rules Admin 9/17/2015 1680 KB
2015 Summary of Parliamentary Procedure Changes Admin 10/14/2015 455 KB
2015 Parliamentary Procedure Terminology Clarification Admin 10/14/2015 235 KB


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